Advanced DirectX12 Graphics and Performance

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DirectX12 enables next generation games to deliver better performance with greater flexibility and control. This technical session goes deep into the DirectX12 APIs you can use to reduce CPU rendering overhead, manage GPU resource usage more efficiently, and express the most cutting-edge 3D graphics possible across the spectrum of Windows 10 devices. Whether you are building a game for the phone, PC, or Xbox - you don't want to miss this talk.





The Discussion

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    Josh Winters

    They going to talk about the second GPU been unlocked in the Xbox One with DX12?
    Or has the NDA been extended until E3 now?

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    Very interesting video, congratulations. Seems DX12 will have significant impact on windows 10 devices. Once Xbox One will also use windows 10 my question is at which extent the benefits shown in this video are also applicable on Xbox One? Thank you very much.

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    Pony Master

    20% more GPU power across all Win10 devices, nice.

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    Are you high Josh? There isn't a dormant second gpu in the xbox one lol

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    Josh Winters

    Yes there is mack,
    There is information backing up the 2nd GPU.
    And with the NDA, they can't talk it.
    Just have to keep waiting, but I've read today someone posted
    it's likely to be when Wind 10 is released.

    People say they Xbox One is weak 1.31TF, but the research is showing it's 2.6 -4.5TF range depending on layer unlocking.
    And DX12 has the unlocking keys.

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    @Josh Winters.

    No it doesn't.

    Not sure what crack & lies you are smoking, but there is no secondary GPU on either the xbox one or ps4 APU.

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    @Josh Winters: Stop your trolling and grow up. This is not N4G or IGN.

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    Really cool stuff, i don't suppose all these new features are in the current win10 build? when do you think they will be available?

    Also more generally, i think one of the hardest bits for people learning directx today is that the official docs and programming guides are a little light, is that something your're looking to to improve for windows 10? (at or close to RTM i mean, all though the earlier the better)

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    To be honest, this new feature level 12.1 is a joke.

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    Josh Winters


    That's only showing the top die. There are side image x-rays showing it's multi-layered. The NDA is still in place over the second layer.
    That's why it's currently only 1.31TF.

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    I don´t want to be a dick guys but Josh is right - my friend and I dismantled X-One few weeks ago cus we heard about that NDA etc...and there really are 2 GPU cores...

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    @Josh Winters LMAO. Second GPU, you have to kidding? What a total moron, ALL CIRCUIT BOARDS ARE MULTILAYER YOU IDIOT.

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    I Found 1000 secret GPUs in my xbox 360. XD
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    Great work on the streamlining of the state machine, and great to see the reduced cpu utilization.

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