D3D12 Performance Tuning and Debugging with PIX and GPU Validation

Play D3D12 Performance Tuning and Debugging with PIX and GPU Validation
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D3D12 offers unprecedented access to low-level, high-performance graphics
capabilities. But with great power comes great responsibility, and D3D12 also
brings an unprecedented ability to find innovative new ways of shooting yourself
in the foot! This talk will bring you up to speed on the latest additions to the D3D12
family. The PIX tool, which has a venerable history across multiple generations of
the Xbox console, is now available on Windows, providing performance tuning
and debugging insights about what is really going on inside the GPU. The new
GPU-based validation feature of the D3D debug layer uses the GPU to monitor
itself and can quickly identify subtle programming errors. Come see these tools
in action and learn what they can do to make your titles faster and better looking
than ever before.







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    I am unable to launch existing DX12 app from Launch Win32 tab. I always end up getting E_FAIL/E_ABORTED/E_ACESSDENIED. Any help I can get?

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