HTML5 Web Camp Belgium Creating Cross-browser designs with CSS3 and jQuery in a SCRUM methodology

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HTML5 Web Camp Belgium

 Creating Cross-browser designs with CSS3 and jQuery in a SCRUM methodology

As today's web applications are growing in complexity, making them
cross-browser is still key to success. Since history of web design we've seen
all kinds of techniques that tackle browser issues. Still, they are very time
consuming and expensive. This presentation will give you a quick look on what's
possible these days with CSS3 and jQuery and how you can save time creating
cross-browser web applications. Throw away half of your HTML code, half of your
background images and start using more flexible techniques. This session is
going to be based on a case of a big Belgian company, to be shown during the

Speaker : Tim Vermaelen, LBi

>> Download the PPT here.





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The Discussion

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    Lieven Praet

    Very interesting presentation!
    I will definitely use these techniques.

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