Design Matters for Microsoft Surface

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The Discussion

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    Great post. This presentation was awesome.

    I still love my original Surface RT I bought in 2012. I plan to upgrade to a new one in the coming year. Hopefully a Surface Pro 4.

    Microsoft should offers the Surface Pro 4 or the Surface line in different colours. not just the keyboards and pen. Some sort of Anodized colours to choose from. I want a deep red one.


    Thanks for posting this.

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    Thanks. This is great. I still use and love my original Surface Pro. But I am soooooooo looking forward to picking up a Surface Pro 4 when it comes available!

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    Loved this presentation. Microsoft should be sharing more of this type of content with consumers, as it helps people become more engaged with the product.

    It's fascinating learning a little about the process for delivering any product, not to mention something as cool as the Surface.

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