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Measuring our community's success is the most important metric a business or organization can track. Join Dona Sarkar and Jeremiah Marble in an interactive session as they discuss how the Windows Insider Program is CoCreating Windows and ensuring community success long the way. Dona Sarkar is a Principal Program Manager on the Fundamentals Team in the Windows Devices Group at Microsoft. Dona heads up our Windows Insider Community. Jeremiah Mable is the Director of Marketing for the Windows Insider program. This session is a partner session to the Windows Insiders: Inside the Windows Insider Program session.




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New Zealand Room Three (SKYCITY)



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The Discussion

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    Windows 10, es lo máximo.

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    Brian Mansell

    Cannot hear a Word - full volume

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    In a tech world where normally everyone has minimun 10 groups and 20 friend with at least 200 mess. received in a day. And where normally just 4 or 5 lines of a message are read..This interesting Windows insider interview is surely very interesting. But too talkative...Too many words to explain what can be explained in few simple concepts. Secondly I live in Italy and understand English Language. It's more difficult for me to understand English language spoken with american or canadian accent. Pls put subtitles.

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    ?¿ como pedies opinión a los que no tenemos como lengua el ingles?¡ nos mandais noticias en español y luego nos mandais a enlaces en ingles y sin ningún tipo de traductor ?¿¿

    en todo caso saludos y graias

    a coruña/galicia

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    Victor Ludena

    Gracias por darme un programa a la medida de mis conocimientos, en una palabra, siento que Microsoft "trabaja para mi", me siento muy a gusto con lo nuevo de WIN10, Azure, Cortana,
    Gracias a millón!!
    Desde Perú

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    Donald Levering

    Please More Volume !

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