A Whole NUI World: Microsoft Surface 2 and Windows Touch

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Heard about Microsoft Surface 2? In this presentation we will introduce you to the new Microsoft Surface Hardware and explain how you can write applications for it. By the end of the presentation you will have learned how to use the Microsoft Surface 2 SDK to write an application that bridges the physical world we live in to the virtual world on the Surface. We will also discuss what it takes to write an application that targets both Microsoft Surface Hardware and Windows Touch Enabled Devices. And of course, you will learn tricks of the trade, like how to write an application right away using the new Microsoft Surface Input Simulator. We will focus on WPF development, but anyone with an interest in Natural User Interfaces should be able to follow and enjoy the presentation.


UX, Surface, WPF









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The Discussion

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    I am expecting a lot from this session

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    jhon k

    The video sent to cell phones also will be available for display with the touch enabled .... I mean a.

    applications made ​​for PC with touch screens are also able to perform these actions?

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    Regarding the ability to read Microsoft Tags displayed in a touch screen -- yes! You should be able to perform similar actions on any Windows machine. All you have to do is generate a unique tag for the content you want to link to it (Check the Microsoft Tag API here), and then scan the tag on your smartphone of choice. (tag reader available for most phones out there).

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