What’s New in the Windows Phone Developer Tools?

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    Susan Todd

    After the talk, we'll have a few computers set up with the Profiler so you can profile your own apps.

    Open walk-in times:
    Wednesday, 4-5pm
    Thursday, 9:30-10:30am

    All in Palm A (on the third floor)

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    Good last question... I had that question in mind too... will the Profiler be ported (one day or another) to analyse regular Silverlight ?

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    @MODUL8com: We have seen a lot of interest in the community to support profiler for regular Silverlight. We are looking at it but there is no committed plan around it as yet.

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    Good to get a quick look at a few more details. Thanks Vibhor.

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    A slide showed h264/aac for xde. Does this now also work for general mediasourcestream, on device -and- xde? Up to now, mss is extremely crippled, contrary to all - as little as there is - docs on mediastreamsource.

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    Wow great presentation... When with the tools be available for us to download and use?

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    Shame that we XNA developers don't get any improvements, as I am real stuck understanding intermiitment problem on our WP7 XNA development

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    Is the profiler supposed to be this washed out?


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