Rx: A Library for Managing Asynchronous Data and Events in your Windows Phone 7 Application

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The Discussion

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    Volume changes all the time. Hard to listen to this.

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    Yup, volume swinging is really annoying, they should normalize audio before placing on web.

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    agree with other two comments. couldn't make it past 10 mins

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    terrible scound.

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    I'm sorry there are problems with the audio. I'll see what we can do to improve it. If anyone is interested, the code samples from the presentation are now available at http://www.thinqlinq.com/Downloads/RxWp7Mix11.zip

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    Thanks for uploading the Bites, and very helping presentation/source code also.


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    Aiden Caine

    Was really looking forward to this session, but its completely unlistenable. A real shame.

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    Sam Judson

    The High Quality WMV and the MP3 the volume seems to be fixed.

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