Script#: Compiling C# to JavaScript using Visual Studio

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Script#, a C# to JavaScript compiler, brings the power of Visual Studio and .NET Tools to build a productive development model for creating, testing and managing applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript along with popular frameworks such as jQuery. This session provides a hands-on look at using Script#, shares success stories and experiences from real-world use, along with a project road-map.









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The Discussion

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    Sure, the product is excellent and save much time for me.

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    This is madness.

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    Samaj Shekhar

    Wow.. haven't seen the vedio yet but Description itself make me belive im gona use it for sure.

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    I hate this kind of thing not because Microsoft make it because.

    you and some other say it's save time but it's not the way of coding. sound something like going for eating air because you wan't something to eat. you need real food not the air because their is no one can live with eating food but air can use for breath not for eat.

    second thing is that it's useless concept. this is not first many concpept come before it like ASP theme , ASP.NET ajax and many other who never can seen today if seen very rarely.

    you say for learning a new language who itself not real like who give you job or mention yourself when you say i am writing job in script# sound goes much better when you tell that i can do this this and this in javascript. then in future if you move to Ruby or scala you can get no effect.

    you eat the job of David crockford[creator of JsLint] and John [jQuery] who we like much more then you because they teach us not only javascript they teach us the new way of coding and how we can improve our skill whenever this product come from MSFT so off-course nothing you thing to make who help someone else.

    i am not interested of these kind of useless thing who eat our productivity as age goes in life. prehaps of use this product if we focus on Javascript or jQuery we can learn much real thing instead of this one fake language. even [i am not sure] it's make our work better but you forget the productivity.

    you need to mention blueprint or lessCss in css who make productivity better instead of eating [your product eat not improve even you do better with this]

    instead of making thing much if you make one thing who are better option. because one product help much is better then much product help no one.

    i hope you understand my thought. not too much good but i feel it's help you to make product too better.

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    @antony : Hopefully this is not usual anti microsoft rhetoric. If you hate it no need to comment it. If you want to improve it suggest it. No one is forcing you to use Script#, neither you are paying for this. But try this for some time in big projects with tons of javascript , you will find the usefulness of Script#.

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    @antony:  Is someone not getting enough fiber in thier diet?

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    Yet another video with unclear computer display.

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    I wonder why Microsoft doesn't add C# compiler to Internet Explorer
    in order to replace JavaScript.

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    you wonder why they don't add C# compiler to IE? LOL

    Well, MS tried this years ago, its' called 'vbScript'. And it worked PERFECTLY until the FREETARDS at Microsoft started making decisions to de-emphasize stuff like that.

    I still write vbScript in IE, I use day in and day out.

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    @antony: it's Douglas Crockford not David. And nobody's eating their job. Just ask yourself why Google has done GWT amd Microsoft Script#.Are they both misguided ? I think not.

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    It's funny to compare GWT's team size with Script#'s. Just shows who knows the web. 

    No offense to nikhil, good job.

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    Marc Roussel

    Why this video doesn't play in IE9 and works in Chrome ?
    I even tried a complete RESET of IE9. I'm using SL 5 latest runtime version.

    But all this doesn't explain why in Chrome the video plays but in IE9 it doesn't

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    Sorry, this guy cannot give a presentation. I will have to find another source of information on Script#.

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    its not about coding in different languages but saving time from previous projects flexibility between C# and Javascript .

    example you can convert xna codes to javascript

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