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The infographics bug has bitten, and now the web alive with tightly kerned upper-case Helvetica and scatter plots to showing us everything from what a billion dollars looks like all the way through to how hard it is for singer songwriters to make a living. In the midst of all the nonsense, there have been some significant changes in design trends that can make company dashboards or analysis tools more powerful. This session will 1. Explain the goals of data visualisation and the benefits for business 2. Walk through some great examples of stunning, but most importantly, *useful* visualisations of data sets that will leave attendees better equipped to tackles mountains of data in their applications. and 3. Present case studies showing companies getting a real return on investing in their data. This session will be driven by real practical examples, and will be of interest to designers, application owners, and web developers. Also, it will be fun :)









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The Discussion

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    A most useful session - very well structured (systematic approach) with lots of valuable advice sometimes hidden in half-sentences. Make sure to check this out if you a are working with charts and dashboards. Thanks!

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    Awesome presentation! Extremely useful and practical!

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