Who Would Pay For That Feature? Adding Analytics to Your Windows Phone 7 Applications

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We all want to make piles of money with the next great phone app. In order to have that great app, you need to be prepared to continuously refine features and improve your users’ experience. Knowing which features are really being used, how often, and in what combinations are what will unlock the door to true user-centered design and development; the break-out WP7 developer will be the one who most efficiently navigates through shifting market dynamics and deployment gotcha’s inherent in any emerging platform to focus on the features and form-factors that most appeal to their users. Thanks to an agreement between Microsoft and PreEmptive Solutions, Windows Phone 7 developers have free access to a mobile analytics service that monitors and measures application adoption, feature usage, user behaviors, and even exception reporting for both Silverlight and XNA applications. At the end of this session, attendees will know how to instrument their application and track those features most important to their success including how to configure offline-caching, automate opt-in logic, and exception reporting. With effective mobile analytics, there’s simply no excuse for not knowing exactly what your users care most about.









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    Some Guy

    Slowly I understand why people need 1000 W amplifiers. Somehow you have to boost up the low volume of the audio.

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    Alex Blount

    Great video. Really interesting content. Thank you for producing this.

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