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    I'm a Sr. Software Engineer out of Chicago, and I say it's about damn time someone addresses Usability and start to acknowledge the worth of Designers. I have worked with some great designers and time and time again, they are simply pushed to the back because highly arrogant developers or Dev managers discount their worth. Developers are not designers. We as dev do not like the design aspect right? So stay out of it...and work with your designer and let him help with site flow, whitespace, graphics, and some of the other many aspects of usability And designers are very important to our UI. Companies need to respect that and take designers seriously. If you don't your are diminishing value to your customer base by ignoring this. This is no longer the 1990s. Wake up and start looking at usability seriously as well as UX designers.

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    August is truly a brilliant visionary.

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    All the Lightning UX sessions were standing room only and Epic. Glad they're online and hope to see more TED quality UX talks next year. Kudos to John Papa and the MIX team for setting this up! #whyIloveMIX

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    Brian Drought

    First speaker would have a lot more validity if they'd worked out that Ling is a her and not a him. Ah well.

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    August de los Reyes absolutely OWNED this session.  "21st Century Design" was awesome!

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    Absolutely loved this session. August was awesome - truly inspired

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