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Kung Fu Silverlight: Top Tips and Architectural Patterns and Practices


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Learn about the rewards of using RIA Services together with development patterns, such as the Service Providers, Single Responsibility pattern, Messaging, and developing using the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern, to build Silverlight and Windows Phone applications. Hear the top tips you need to know for building data driven Silverlight applications that solve real world problems.

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  • Absolutely great session, it covers all grounds vital and I have been looking for a solutions such as the Messenger. Thank you very much, good material...

  • It was a very good introduction to silverlight with MVVM pattern. I enjoyed the leve and speed of the talk.

  • Howdy,

    It says that the demo will be linked with the slides in the presentation but I'm not seeing that anywhere ... am I missing it or has it been posted somewhere?



  • John Papajopapa Evangelist on the Loose

    You can download the slides on this page (link is under the video) and you can get the demos here:



  • doncdonc

    Anyone having trouble with the streamed and/or downloadable recordings? It seems the files are corrupted (skips in sound and image).

    I tried all of them (except the mid-quality WMV), with several players (windows media player, quicktime, mplayer), streaming with multiple browsers.

  • etheth

    you're right. I have also the same issue with the sound skipping. It's sad because the content is great!

  • davidpdavidp

    Yes, having the same issue - very frustrating!

  • John,

    Do you know of any examples or blogs out there that talk about doing this without Entity Framework?  I have a different database backend and there are problems with their provider and our structure of our DB system.  I'm working to get that resolved but wondering what the best alternative is.

    I have an existing C# business layer/data layer that I can wrap webservices around but that doesn't make it easy to change out with EF if/when we get that working.



  • Great Session as always John.

  • John,


    Can you update this video with the latest changes to EF 4.1 and VS 2010 SP1?



  • WatcherWatcher

    Please fix the videos. Looks like every single video is broken. Even the stream is nearly unwatchable.

  • CraigCraig

    Tried to watch the video but the audio cutting out on the WMV files was unbearable. The mp4 files stop at about 9-10 seconds in, apparently corrupted. Would LOVE to watch these if they could be fixed?

  • ViewerViewer

    please fix video!

  • TomTom

    It seems that many of the videos from PDC10 are corrupted. We downloaded the "Chirp", "Code First" (EF) session. We wasted almost 2 gig of bandwidth trying to get a viewable copy.

    BTW, They stopped comments on that video... anyone know where the source code is for that?

  • Video does not work. Please fix.

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