Cloud Computing, is it right for you?

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The cloud encompasses services that are provided by other organizations, including storage, databases, applications, infrastructure, and more. As these services are hosted by third parties, they have the potential to offer your organization cheap, leveraged on-demand, pay as you go, highly scalable solutions for IT. At first sight this may seem like the perfect panacea, allowing an organization to leverage low cost solutions. However, it requires careful architectural planning to decide what should go into the cloud and what should remain on-premises. Get it right and you will reap the rewards; get it wrong and feel the pain. Come to this session and discover what cloud computing is all about and how it will change the landscape of your IT systems. No longer will your organization’s data and business processes be contained within the strict confines of your perimeter network. Your security and services architecture will need to evolve to encompass the cloud. Share John’s insight into making the cloud work for you.



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