Creating fluid and beautiful UI using the new Visual Layer

Play Creating fluid and beautiful UI using the new Visual Layer

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    I love your lesson

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    Charles Nduonyi

    Send me new information.

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    this version WIN 10 Pro 1511 are good i want active this windows 10 i dont have key for active win 10 pro 1511

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    If you were using WPF "way back in the day"...

    That comment/attitude explains a lot of my current frustration with Microsoft. We were sold on WPF and use it in a widely-distributed, commercial application. Well, let's just say we're NEVER bringing it to UWA due to being shoved aside as old tech with NO forward migration path. We MUST support users on Win7, Win8 and newer for MANY years. Yet MS includes this stuff only in the new OS. So enticing and so useless. 

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    @smoyna: I feel your pain. In my opinion, sometimes in order to move forward with the new technology, Microsoft has to make a hard decision to break away from the old stuff that imposes limitation on the new platform going forward.

    My two cents.

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    Thank you.

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    Why expression animation are declared using strings? why we have to loose all the intellisense? maybe it is easy to apply some custom code to fix this but why the API doesn't already accept c# expressions?

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    The XAML iterop example is horrible what are you talking about it's a perfect example? There is so much ipsum text that is unreadable because of the poor choices made please white text backgroung in some portions of the dog's image it made it impossible to read. Please don't explain how it is suppose to explain animation because that is just a lame excuse. A perfect example are you joking or what?

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    For us WPF old timers.. WPF/E with JS anyone, hehe..

    It would be nice to see more expansive XAML integrations, we obviously see the potential but the message isn't as loud.  Would love to see the level of engagement with developers back up to when you guys were pushing the Longhorn dream.  So much hope was placed on WPF and natives apps that was never really broadly realized.. Didn't help that WPF was a bit of a pig but that's all changed now.. long live COM!!

    Anyway, great job with the platform and API's.  You guys need to be talking louder about this stuff.  Where are all the firms designing hot apps with these API's. 

    Show us what's really possible here!!!  Where's the eye candy!?! LOB, Retail, Manufacturing.. I don't care. Just show me the pretty stuff!

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    I'm sorry but this is poor material. I'm not saying that Windows.UI.Component is bad (I actually hope that it is great) but if it is this video doesn't show it.

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