Play Linux Command Line on Windows

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    Something that's going on the way to openness?

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    Karl Olav Nyvberg

    I think of Ray Bradbyry: Something wicked comes this way :)

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    >install gentoo

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    Richard Stallman

    The computer industry is the only industry that is more fashion-driven than women's fashion.

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    @Richard Stallman:kudos for rms impersonator on channel 9 :D

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    For the love of god, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIX MAX PATH IN THE FILE SYSTEM??? It is a mystery and an embarrassment that this wasn't fixed years if not decades ago.

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    Any plans on bringing PowerShell functionality to bash? It can be huge for DevOps in heterogeneous data centers.

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    This is sick!...

    It apparently means that I can get over the Linux VMs I use and I can install whatever I like directly on Windows (of course with some exceptions).


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    the guy in the background @4:26

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    1st April joke?

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    Do you have a transcript?

    And more details please! I want to hear kernel guys — I want to grill them! What did you add to the Windows kernel to make this work? If you didn't add anything and just built upon it, well then how do you create processes from ELF executables? (don't be shy, show us Task Manager) how did you get mmap to work well enough without lying about page size? dare I say, how did you get mmap working at all?

    Not just technical details, I want to ask strategical questions too. What's your commitment here? what kind of integration can we expect with Windows processes? will we ever get to mix and match UNIX and Windows system calls in the same process? what will be your supported scenarios and how long a game are you playing here? is the Linux subsystem here to stay or it will be just a fad like Interix?

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    I hate bash syntax. Isn't there a cleaner shell you could use?

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    Alexey Frunze

    That's not the Ben Armstrong I used to work with in Hyper-V. :)

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    How will updates work? Will apt-get be used for upgrading tools? Will it be rolled into windows updates? Both?

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    [1] MaxPath for UNC Paths is actually very big. Powershell is hit by limitations with .net which max out paths at trivial lengths. It is annoying that that is not fixed given the underlying OS doesn't have the limitation.
    [2] Does this mean we have finally resurrected the Windows subsystems technologies which have been a little derelict over the past decade?
    And can we have multiple concurrent subsystems for different kernel version compatibility ?

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    Does ASP.NET Core work?


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    Check out the idiot behind Hanselman.

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    Does fork do what it oughta in the Linux subsystem?

    ... and it does! (I just got to that part...)


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    Jimmy John

    Hanselman's beard is weak.

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    Regarding the Max Path "bug" that is a limitation specific to certain Win32 applications, using the DOS-compatible filesystem APIs. There are NT-specific APIs that raise the limit, and the new subsystem will have that limit raised too.

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    I really hope rsync will be supported over SSH... been wanting to run an rsync server on windows forever!

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    @Microsoft, did you really rewrite all linux kernel user API instead of just making coLinux work on 64bit systems?

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    Pretty damn cool, guys!

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    Trash! Microsoft try to make monopoly.
    With stupis OS, thay are not emproving it, but making more products :/

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    I'm hoping this is just a stepping stone to Windows transitioning to a unix core, as OS X did.

    I don't know that Windows has ever had any significant value as 'a different OS' at the command-line level - how long was it before they even offered us a usable terminal window? - but their expertise in kernel architecture and many other areas would be welcome in linux.

    That's cost them a lot of developers with the rise of web and Android development - big swaths of development which can be done on any of the 3 platforms, and it just doesn't make a lot of sense to choose the only one without a native unix environment. The annoyance of using different approaches to git to work around that has been annoying as well - not even worth the effort.

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    I literally want Bash on Windows.  I want to automate my build process in Bash.  That means running devenv (or msbuild) to generate binaries and some internal executables to manipulate the output.

    This seems like all the disadvantages of a VM combined with the disadvantages of Cygwin.  The only advantage I can see is -- maybe -- performance.


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    Stanislav Kogan

    LOL, they made an inverted Wine. WTF is that useful for, however, escapes me. :(
    Cygwin forever!

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    Christopher Estep

    OS X has a Mach BSD core - not a UNIX core. What folks forget is that Windows NT has been modular from the beginning - while the NT userspace module is the one we see, it has never (as in ever) been the only module in the OS. The most well-known historical subsystem in NT is, in fact, POSIX - a subsystem it shared with OS/2 and LAN Manager/LAN Server. What separated POSIX in NT from POSIX in LAN Manager, LAN Server, and even OS/2 was *security*; subsystems in NT are firewalled from each other, to the point that the POSIX subsystem in NT met the C2 security criteria that the military (the largest POSIX userbase) demanded - very pricey in UNIX, and unavailable in LAN Manager, LAN Server, and OS/2. Still, outside the military (and highly niche even IN the military) of what use was POSIX (and Interix since then)? That is what really led to the deprecation of both subsystems; lack of interest/too niche. However, the subsystem capability never went away. What Canonical did was bring the Ubuntu userland core and asked Microsoft to add it as a subsystem. As to how the subsystem is kept updated, apt-get is included - which covers updates across the whole subsystem - thus, it is (literally) no different from command-line Ubuntu today. Stanislav, that comment is Just Plain Political (not necessarily wrong) - it's the comment that uses different OSes as a stovepipe to protect their ricebowl. As both user and developer, I could care less about either - I just want to get my work done, period.

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    David Schwartz

    It's funny to watch a Windows guy stumble around in Linux. Bash is only used by people who don't know any better tbh. There are at least a couple far superior shells, that make bash look obsolete (zsh and fish). It would have been nice if they had picked one of the others!

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    Questions for WSL FAQ

    1. Are file locks compatible between L and W? Max size of 32 or 64?

    2. Possible to create multiple SSH/telnet sessions?

    3. Regarding process creation, is it as simple as Windows executable (PE) launches a Win32 process, an ELF binary launches syscall emulator? No exceptions?

    4. Is there a win32 emulator for ELF binaries so I can call Win32 from ELF?

    5. Does .Net Core work?

    6. Is serial I/O working?

    7. A worst case performance scenario for Linux syscalls is byte-by-byte I/O?

    8. Is an ELF binary's return code available to Windows ERRORLEVEL?

    9. Have a changes to PE executable format been forced? I'm sure this is on the roadmap.

    10. Is there a syscall compatibility list (in release notes)?

    11. How can I use Visual Studio to compile to ELF binary?

    12. How can I use Visual Studio to debug ELF process?

    13. Any changes to C++ or .Net  to support Linux (e.g. compiler constants)?

    14. Is there a WSL forum on MSDN?

    15. Will WSL be opened sourced?

    16. Are select(), poll() supported?

    17. Can I do COM calls between L and W?

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    18. Will it be possible to access an Ext4-partition with full Ubuntu Linux, and apt upgrade that from Ubuntu on Windows? so that when you boot Ubuntu Linux it will be fully upgraded.

    19. Will it be possible to access the file system where Ubuntu on Windows are from Ubuntu Linux (when you boot Linux), and apt upgrade that from Ubuntu Linux?

    20. If one have an X-server in Windows, can one then run X-programs in Ubuntu on Linux? (I know it's not now supported by Microsoft, but maybe it's not blocked.)

    21. Will the fonts for the Console be updated to full Unicode? Now e.g. some arrows and block-elements are missing.

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    You want concurrent subsystems for different Liux kernel version compatibility?

    It's Windows 10.
    They will update the subsystem whenever they want and you won't have the choice e.g. to hold it back (for as long as you desire).


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    Finbar Maginn

    is this a big step towards getting ios and android apps on windows phone?

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    Is this like the opposite of WINE, running Linux apps on Windows?

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    "Women's Fasion"... Really *??!!
    2016 and men still think fashion is a women's thing??!!

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    Tom h

    As long as we are talking about people in the background, did anyone notice the Amy Pond look-alike ;) ?

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    Gary Smith

    How do we get sound out from the Windows 10 bash shell?

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    Kim Nilsson

    Gary, they said there was no hardware access.

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    Project manager is looking confused after every question.

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    • I updated to the latest Windows 10 beta
    • I enabled fast ring updates
    • I checked for updates
    • (I checked that PowerPoint and Visual Studio still function correctly)

    Now what?

    I'm giving a Global Azure Bootcamp presentation this Saturday, and I'd like to demo using git under bash, like Malte Lantin did in his Channel-9 series "Cloud-Hosting-mit-Azure-App-Service-Web-Apps/02--Continuous-Deployment-und-Verwaltung"


    I now see that the "NEW" latest version I downloaded from msdn, was in fact an older beta, version 14295 instead of the actual latest version 14316. Is it at all possible to update this to 14316, or do I need to reinstall my regular Windows 10 version now?

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