Windows Unlock with IoT Devices

Play Windows Unlock with IoT Devices

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    Right on!!

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    What happens when this happens? PC has multiple user accounts. Each user has a registered Band or other BT companion device for their own login authentication. Several users then come near the PC.

    Also, does the authentication protocol use D-H key exchange and message sequence security or some other method to secure the communication so that outside devices cannot intercept and potentially spoof the authentication?

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    bom de mais

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    Exciting work and great demo!

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    Rajkin Hossain

    Hello, I have run your sample app and set device id to my android phone serial number. Unfortunately, I didn't get any notification to my android mobile. The steps i followed.

    1-> set device id as my android mobile serial number
    2-> Press Register Device -> press pc pin
    3-> Select my mobile serial number from the list
    4-> Press Register BGTask
    5-> Swipe up PC.

    My PC unlocks but didn't get any notification to my android phone. Please advice. Thanks.

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    There is Note attached to this article/video:
    Note The Windows Hello companion device framework is a specialized feature not available to all app developers. To use this framework, your app must be specifically provisioned by Microsoft and list the restricted secondaryAuthenticationFactor capability in its manifest. To obtain approval, contact

    When I emailed to the above email address for approval - the email bounces...
    Anybody has an idea of what's going on?

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    Dave Rice

    I was wondering about the framework and idea to be able to login and use a pc that belongs to me at home. can anyone that has a pc at home be able to install app needed and does someone support and help me with any problems or questions I might have when going through all the steps needed for everything to work? also once it is all setup and everything works as it should I think it someone needs to make it known that if something happens to go wrong with this framework in general we need to know that there will be someone there for them to troubleshoot whatever the issue might be and be able to fix the problem. especially when you rely on your pc and cant afford to not have it working. thank you for your time...……

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