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RemoteFX in Windows 8 has been tailored for the Metro style UI to provide users a touch-first, fast and fluid experience on their remote desktops and apps over both LAN and WAN conditions for VDI, Session, and physical hosts. This session covers these enhancements with a series of demos using the new Metro look Remote Desktop client app. Whether you are an enthusiast using remote desktop at home or for your development needs, or an enterprise user getting work done using your IT provisioned centralized desktop and app deployment, to learn what is new in remoting in Windows 8, this is the session for you!









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    thank you for this video. Now, I can utilize Remote Desktop connection the proper way. You have to run > "MSTSC" 43:30 on video. Only then will the RDC work on the new Metro.... at least with me. I had only one computer monitor and not two but after this I get two. PS. There are no options are available to adjust these settings in the Metro....maybe for a good reason but with Win 8 do I have to use Run command to drill down in RDC? Fix this please.

    Also, I did not know about the options features on RDC. This is really cool. I went from mad to glad. Love these self help Videos!

    Windows 8: I love it but I'm still getting used to the Metro even after will take time or I must leave 7 forever.

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