Visual Studio 2017 Linux development with C++

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Get an overview of the new Linux C++ development workload in Visual Studio 2017.

Download Visual Studio 2017 and try the new Linux development with C++ workload, everything you need to know is here:



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The Discussion

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    Please add more support for plain C.

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    Please add more C support about Linux.

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    Does anyone notices the blue VS icon in bottom taskbar? What is it?

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    @yuguang:Visual Studio Code

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    G P

    The desktop and Linux videos were good. Thanks

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    Ivan Shmakov

    Still unuseful for professional Linux development.
    It's required to add CMake Linux support and does not copy sources from the Windows host to Linux one.

    Just remember. You have CMake project that already builds a project under Linux. You want to develop it in VS IDE and you can't do it...

    You still work with VisualGDB that allows to share windows folder and map via samba to Linux build folder. It uses CMake and create project tree under Windows and Linux.

    Good work, but still unuseful.

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    Hi, I'm wondering how to set up ssh, gdb for visual studio here?

    It always says gdbserver could either be missing on your system and needs to be installed. I installed it with MinGW, but I don't how to set up it for visual studio.

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    Same question as Ivan -- I already have an existing CMake project written on Linux that I want to use. Can Visual Studio handle that? It looks like it will let me create a **new** Linux project, *or* import an existing (windows) CMake project; but unless I'm missing something, it doesn't allow importing an existing Linux CMake project?
    Does it really not support that? Or am I just missing it?

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    Ricky Gai Visual Studio 2017 supporting GUI/RAD development for Linux yet ?

    This is important, because customers may want a simple GUI interface instead of command prompt or console program.

    Please advise.

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    Thanks !!

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