CMake support in Visual Studio 2017

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Visual Studio 2017 adds built-in support for CMake. Watch this video to learn more about how the latest Visual Studio release fundamentally changes the way you interact with your CMake projects and your source code from the IDE.

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The Discussion

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    Is there a way to set the debug working directory? I have dependencies that are obviously not in the build output folder.

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    Marian Luparu [MSFT]

    @DJLeach, you can customize the working directory for your debug session, by specifying "currentDir": "<yourfolder>" in one of your debug configurations inside the launch.vs.json file. HTH

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    Will VS 2017 have syntax highlighting and intellisense for the CMakeLists.txt when released?

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    Tarmo Pikaro

    Hi !

    I'm working on tool syncProj, which somehow resembles cmake project generator, but it's based on C# programming language and if necessary it can be really debugged with intellisense turned on.

    Initial documentation on subject:

    Currently I'm trying to configure C++ project, and script itself is written in C# language, and because it's defined as custom build step, all visual studio is able to display is just a code syntax hi-lightning. Meanwhile intellisense kicks in only after you open C# script via C# / script editor.

    Would it be possible to get intellisense supported even for custom defined tool ?

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    keerthi datta

    How to add gecode directories to cmake projects?

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    In the launch_schema.json there is "environment". I try modify or set new environment variable. But it's not working. My launch.vs.json:
    "version": "0.2.1",
    "defaults": {},
    "configurations": [
    "type": "default",
    "project": "CMakeLists.txt",
    "projectTarget": "${buildRoot}\\TestGui.exe",
    "name": "${buildRoot}\\TestGui.exe",
    "environment": [
    "name": "XPATH",
    "value": "h:/Qt/Qt5.9.2/5.9.2/msvc2015/bin/"

    In the main I try get environment:
    char* xvar = getenv("XPATH");
    But getenv returns NULL.

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