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    Great feature.  STRONG SUGGESTION  The big red X in the margin is poor UI choice for a failed test.  Red X are used for DELETE not failed.



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    Love this feature. Great video that explains it very well. Thank you!

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    Scott Holodak

    "...this feature that is present in the Enterprise Edition of Visual Studio 2017."

    Please consider making this feature available all the way down to community edition. I get that enterprises like this, but I think the new open-source-friendly Microsoft should be encouraging all developers to write unit tests and to have good code coverage.

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    Cosmin Trifu

    been waiting for this since i discovered ncrunch, several years ago. i could just write code, app code or test code, and got immediate feedback. this saves on context changing a lot and it makes a difference after hours of coding. i was amazed why it would not make its way in vs2015. i'm so happy it's in vs now. after the ctrl+t (resharper navingate to) i can almost skip r# too. tnx!

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    Does it works with UWP Tests?

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    Frank Forward

    The UI can be improved. The X's and ticks are distracting. I would go with a lighter shade of the grees/red. Im not sure why blue though? warnings usually appear as orange. I would suggest a thin line running down the left edge of the editor with softer shades of the colours chosen.

    If i have acceptance tests in a project, how do you handle those? are they run every time? can i exclude certain tests from this?

    Sounds very promising overall

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    This feature looks great, but why is it in the enterprise edition? why do you even have an enterprise edition? even Apple gives away Xcode for free.

    With the VS2015 licensing changes, where the MSDN license can't be used once the expensive MSDN subscription expires, and the BizSpark changes (only one year? why?) it seems Microsoft doesn't really care as much about developers in the post Ballmer era.

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    Salem albadawi

    Nice improvement
    thank you

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    Nice Improvement
    thank you

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    Finally NCrunch native in VS. Awesome feature.

    Yet this must be the most lame presentation of this feature. This feature needs to be presented by a hardcore TDD experienced developer, creating the testclass first, see the test fail (Red), create the sut class, and work towards the first test to be green. Refactor, rinse and repeat.

    Just use a standard TDD kata.

    I also agree that this needs to be a core feature, not 'Enterprise'. TDD has long been proven to result into better code. Every new developer should start with TDD, and our profession will only become better for it. (Or get them straight into functional programming, but that is another story).

    remember TDD = test driven DESIGN!

    So what is the parity with NCrunch? Does it run the whole test-suite or does it also run the tests intelligently.

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    I hope:
    1. NCrunch is not out of business
    2. Live Unit Testing does not make VS a lot slower than it already is.

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    Cool Feature. Just keep going...

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    I hoped that Live Testing will make me cancel my NCrunch subscription... but it's shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiii.... Well, let's say: I can safely prolong my NCrunch subscription for 2 more years before I'll be ready to switch.
    The way it is now - it's even worse than standard runner for normal size solutions. Sorry, guys, I love you, but you weren't able to deliver.

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    @RlAvantida: Fully agree, that would be nice to see a re-post of the video to include creating it from the ground up. Our novice employees would greatly benefit from it.

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