Keeping Sensitive Data Secure with Always Encrypted

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The Discussion

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    Thanks for the video Jakub!

    Great demo, good to know the high-level difference between encryption types - Deterministic v Randomised.

    Would be good to know which SQL Server versions this is available, Azure SQL too?

    What kind of security compliance regulations would drive this - PCI comes to mind, anything else?

    Is there a considerable performance hit? Just decrypting the data or it affects query performance too?

    If you want [for whatever reason] to get plain-text in SSMS - is there a way to do that?


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    Excellent video. Very clear, concise but yet explain essential information of the technology. Well done!

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    Davide Spano

    Great video.


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    Great video! Thanks!

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    thank u
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    Hi, Thanks a lot for your video and so so well explained it

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    Hello Jakub I am so tentative to decide to use this awesome tool, however I have a question, I'm working on a project with SQL Server 2017 - 14 Express Edition. And I'm pretty sure they aren't going to buy the Enterprise Edition.

    Even so, Can I use this tool? Or is there any limitation related to the final version of SQL?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Great video!

    What client side actions are needed to provide access to the encryption certificates?

    Can multiple master keys be applied to a single column? This is to provide custom access levels for different sets of columns. i.e. column_key_1 is in master_key_1, master_key_2; or column has column_key_1, column_key_2 applied to it, each in separate master keys?

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    Igor K

    So you backup an restore to another server. How do you copy the keys?

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