Developer Movement

Join Host and Sensei Jonathan Rozenblit in a series of developer dojos themed around what you want to build! Just like the ancient art of taekwondo where students earn different belts on their way to becoming a black belt, immerse yourself in these dojos to further your development skills and prepare yourself to reach new mastery levels. Each level you successfully complete gets you closer to the ultimate goal – becoming an esteemed "Code Sensei."

Past Events

  • Dojo: That Which Empowers Them All
  • Dojo: Nobody Loves My App (App Marketing)
  • Dojo: Design
  • Dojo: Porting Android Apps to Windows Phone
  • Dojo: Unity and Gaming
  • App Templates
  • Developer Movement Phone Camp
  • Developer Movement .NET Camp
  • Developer Movement Web Camp
  • Developer Movement Game Camp