The Case of the Unexplained: Windows Troubleshooting

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    Alexandru Birsanu

    Amazing talk! I've seen almost all other 'The Case of the Unexplained' videos, and I have to say that this was by far the best. Mark has had an *enormous* influence on my professional development as a sysadmin/programmer and it is very nice to see that he still enjoys teasing his fans by refusing to provide an MSI installer for the Sysinternals Suite. Mark is clearly hinting to all the real IT professionals out there that it's OK to like EULAs (especially at runtime).

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    Cristi Neagu

    The weirdest error message i got was something like: "As a result, the application may become unresponsive." I have no idea as a result of what, or what application it was talking about.

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    pham dang binh

    ok my like thanks

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    Three and a half years later, and the description is still about database migrations.

    Great video though, I refer back to it from time to time for pointers :)

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