ECMAScript 5: The New Parts

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    Jason A

    Excellent and informative presentation as usual from Mr. Crockford. The links to his slides are broken. Please fix. Thanks

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    JS (err... ES) has emerged as one of the most powerful systems available - something I've always wondered was by design or by accident - and in the hands of poorly disciplined leadership could go disastrously awry. Great to see such responsibility and stewardship of the language.

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    Doug Crockford .. the 'Yoda' of JavaScript is excellent .. as always ... any serious web developer who uses JS .. needs to hear this talk ... It may not matter much today but the new standard will matter lots in a year or two!

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    Doug is great. He's a real asset to the language. Rock on, Doug!


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    Watch Doug Crockford's last year MIX10 tale on Javascript ( for an amazing and intriguing story of the controversial, intriguing and popular language.

    A language designed only in 10 days takes the world by storm in a unique way in spite of the initial design bugs. A COBOL vs Javascript language design and evolution process comparison would be interesting Smiley

    Interesting bookmarks from the last year tale:
    min 7:21 the language has been designed in 10 days
    min 14:51 Funny year 2000 prediction on the end of the web after Netscape's failure
    min 18:15 Javascript becomes the most popular language
    min 18:40 also most unpopular language
    Good parts explained till minute 35:37
    What's next for Javascript from minute 35:37.

    Who said computer science and technologies tales are not entertaining?

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    some things I don't understand about Javascript.

    Why no interfaces? Why does WPF and sivlerlight not have javascript? Why is javascript not a .NET language?


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