Advanced Features in Silverlight 5

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    Is it true that microsoft shift Silverlight road map and Silverlight will focus on windows phone development?

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    Where to watch this video?

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    They've already said that Silverlight is now for WP7, HTML5 is the multimedia web format of choice now.
    I wish they would hurry up and put the videos up, I want to see how this unfettered file access would allow Windows 8 to be a seamless hybrid cloud-desktop OS. With Windows 9 being pure cloud.

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    Awesome session.  Looking forward to Post Beta.

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    Judging by the MIX video so far, I've seen MS people look uncomfortable about the Silverlight question -- i.e. is Silverlight still "the" or "a" cross platform solution. Please post a link if you can find a definitive statement on this.

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    Great session, i just wish the sample code will be provided soon Smiley

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    Why can't I see the video? I can hear it but the video area is gray.
    I'm running Windows 7 with IE9.

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    Is it true that Silverlight is the dev layer for Windows 8 (*.appx)?

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    Hi Nick!

    Is it possible to share the source code?


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