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Oh yes. Building web applications on the Microsoft stack continues to evolve. There’s lots of great tools to leverage, but it can be difficult to keep up with all the options. In this technical and fast-paced session, you’ll learn from Scott Hanselman how the pieces fit together. We’ll look at ASP.NET MVC 3, MvcScaffolding, Entity Framework Code First (Magic Unicorn Edition), SQL Compact 4, jQuery and more. We’ll also see how many times Scott can say “unobtrusive” in a single talk. You’ll leave this session with a clear understanding of the technology options available on the Microsoft Web Stack. What’s changed since PDC? What direction are we doing? Let’s see what we can build in a PowerPoint-free hour with the Microsoft Web Stack of Love.


jQuery, ASP.NET, MVC









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The Discussion

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    This was an awesome presentation.  Hanselman was hilarious & gave a great overview of IIS Express, MVC3 and some EF + MvcScaffolding.

    I really hope it will be online soon -- if only for the humor.

  • User profile image
    Scott Hanselman

    Thanks, it was the most fun I've had all year.

  • User profile image
    Scott Hanselman

    Oh, and by the way, you can learn about the tool I demoed, "Glimpse" at

  • User profile image

    Your presentation is AWESOME!!!!

    You are by far the best presenter (at least in Microsoft)! ;)

  • User profile image

    Super Cool demo.

  • User profile image

    Yes, share the Love! I was having a really crappy day at the office, this talk made my day.

  • User profile image

    Amazing presentation on the web stack. Definitely my favorite MIX 11 video .... oh wait, I haven't seem Miguel De Icaza's yet Smiley

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    Jonas Wikstrom

    Thanks Scott for the best session on the Mix...

  • User profile image

    Love it when Scott gets on a roll in his talks.. Had me in stitches!

  • User profile image

    While watching this presentation I was thinking what kind of drug are you taking and that I want it so badly as well, great job, it was "the awesomest" talk I've seen in a long time :-)

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    Where is the downloadable High Qualitity Video ?

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    Bart Czernicki

    Great job...

    Always learn cool tricks from your presentation. I can't believe how easy it is to install and auto-get ELMAH to run in your app with NuGet.

  • User profile image

    ROFL: "Don't clap for IE 6 sucking less" Big Smile

  • User profile image

    "It's like TiVo for yellow screens of death"

    Scotty, you are great my man. Funny, knowledgeable, and the best part, you introduced me to MVC for the first time and I love it (nerddinner)! Thanks for all you do!

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    Scott - Awesome session.  I was in a focus group on "Why I chose to attend MIX".  I was thinking at the time "Because of Scott's sessions" as I could hear the laughter through the wall.

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    Breno Ferreira

    Congrats Scott!!! This was really one of the most awesome presentations ever! Great job Scott and all of the guys on the Web Plataform Team!

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    i try in both [IE and chrome] and found that quality is not better. i really can't see what you done in your visual studio. can you say any good way to watch it clearly

  • User profile image


    Was there any link to demo projects, or codes available to download?


  • User profile image
    Bart Czernicki

    This was a great session, plus with the "enable SSL" checkbox demo that was probably the funniest tech demo I have seen ever.

  • User profile image
    Scott Hanselman

    Antony - sounds like a slow connection. Download the high quality offline?

  • User profile image
    Adil Mughal

    Fun to watch... Nice one ScottHa

  • User profile image

    Really great demo. The talk don't hang too long in the 101 stuff and show the new stuff. It worked great for me. I really like your presentation Scott, keep them coming!

  • User profile image

    Hey Scott, great stuff. One thing that has plagued me as I try to use these tools is documentation. For example, the MvcScaffolding - where can I find out how to really use it. IE, where is the API documented? Thanks and please keep producing these great presentations. Scott

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    This has to be one of the greatest demos/talks of all time. In the words of Lewis Black. "I was laughing my t!ts off!"

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    Toty Santana

    As always a fantastic presentation with a unique blend of fun and knowledge which only Scott has the secret to.

    It is highest rated presentation so far on this mix.

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    Michael Agbamuche

    Thanks Scott H for this lo you have a way of making this whole asp.NET MVC thingy look like a walk in the park. funny enough, it is, all thanks to you.

    Wish you could do something like this in Nigeria or Africa.

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    Eric W

    MP4 wont play on Zune HD, zune client says invalid format :(

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    Thanks Scott for the great presentation.

    You are amazing!

    I have enjoyed listening to the presentation and great to hear about all these Lego blocks. 

    Thanks to the MIX team for making this available online.

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    hi chat my?

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