David has been in the IT Industry for more than 18 years and was installing Terminal Services as far back as 1996, has worked in UK and ANZ and been involved in large scale SBC and VDI Projects. David joined Quest Software in 2012 as a Solutions Architect for UWM (User Workspace Management). David’s focus is on vWorkspace for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Terminal Servers and management of desktop and application virtualisation technologies. He is also responsible for BYOD/BYOC solutions and End User Computing at an enterprise level. David provides Customers and Channel Partners with thought leadership and strategic thinking around Desktop Virtualization, BYOC/BYOD, Migrations to Windows 7&8, what works, what doesn’t, best practices, trends in the market place, how this correlates to Cloud Computing, as well as the perspectives of not just Quest’s User Workspace Management but other vendors as well. Before joining Quest, David worked as Solutions Architect at HP, and prior to that as Systems Engineer at Citrix, and has been delivering technical training as well as speaking at various events such as Tech@Work.