Michael Milirud

Experienced product manager, focused on customer retention, viral growth catalysts, win:win opportunities, and success theater avoidance. Having landed numerous key features in prominent products, Michael has built and shipped applications, operating systems, platforms and services. He has strong dev roots (backend and frontend), deep understanding of the E2E stack, both h/w and s/w – user and kernel, and multiple successful product cycles.

As an evangelist, he's launched online presences and landed industry-enabling products with large audiences at major Microsoft conferences, including WinHEC, PDC, TechReady, and BUILD. As an industry leader, he is the lead author of the "Fundamentals of Windows Performance Analysis" book.

Features and products he's built have all achieved escape velocity trajectories and stood the tests of scale and time. He has several major Windows releases, as well as GA of Power BI and Azure Application Insights, behind his belt and the code he's shipped runs on hundreds of millions of PCs, most likely including yours, every day.

Product work that he's done had been mentioned by senior Microsoft executives as part of launching Windows. He is behind scalability of Power BI, and the new APM in Azure. His work enabled these products to ship and capture their respective market shares. He is also an active participant in the new and exciting world of the blockchain community, focusing on bringing distributed compute at scale and low cost to the masses through POA.network.

Michael is the primary inventor on ten patents and secondary on one.