Shy Cohen is an Architect who takes a holistic approach to system design and analysis. When looking at software, Shy considers the entire spectrum of details: from business objectives and user requirements, through architecture and design, to implementation and deployment. Today Shy focuses primarily on distributed systems, cloud computing, and assessment-projects, bringing to the table more than 2 decades of IT experience and the know-how gathered over literally hundreds of client engagements. Previously in his career, Shy was a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, where he worked for 13 years on projects such as WCF, MSN, MSMQ, and Windows. Today Shy is a Microsoft MVP (Connected Systems) and a frequent presenter at technology conferences around the world. He work with a variety of clients, from large organizations like Microsoft, HP, Dell, and the US Government, to small startups, and everything in between. In addition to his consulting work, Shy is closely involved with various product groups at Microsoft, and is often asked to provide his input and feedback on future designs, participate in advisory boards and design reviews, and help Microsoft shape their future products.