George grew up in Baltimore, MD and is not a rockstar. Some actual rockstars from Baltimore: Dennis Chambers (Steely Dan), Adam Duritz (Counting Crows), Sisqo. Following a PM (Program Manager) internship stint with Microsoft and college graduation from Boston University's College of Engineering, he worked at a company called Avid Technology in Tewksbury, MA. While there, he focused on user experience design and implementation for Avid's Unity Shared Storage line. The town's name was fun to say but that didn't stop him from re-joining the Microsoft collective after 9 months. He's currently making magical management experiences through Windows Intune. When he isn't coding or pretending to be cool by DJ'ing on, he's usually practicing one of his two use side talents: rolling into walls while training brazilian jiu jitsu, or making killer iced coffee.  His Kevin Bacon number is 3.