Philip Duff

While completing degrees in Computing and Account, Philip was inspired at the Melbourne launch event for Windows NT in 1993, with the thoughts of futures to come, Software that could quickly enable business and allow people to realize their full potential. Working in large retailers, insurance companies, hospitals and banks, Philip has worked with many end user systems, building Point of Sale systems, developing security for financial applications and creating insurance broking systems. Philip’s influence on the end user has been extended even further, with technical leadership roles in some of the largest desktop deployments in Australia. Over the years, Philip has leveraged the many technical offerings to help enable business, from large host based systems to complex commodity infrastructures._x000D_ _x000D_ Philip has owned his own company with over twenty consultants, and prior to joining Microsoft, he was the team leader for the HP Microsoft consulting team in Melbourne. As part of Microsoft, Philip focused on the technical issues faced by his customers when selecting new platforms. Today he is a principal consultant for Corporate Networks, and spends time consulting and is helping people change their business using Windows, System Centre and the Microsoft Cloud.