The Case of the Unexplained, 2010: Troubleshooting with Mark Russinovich

Play The Case of the Unexplained, 2010: Troubleshooting with Mark Russinovich

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    john goodsell

    good show!

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    Kim Segmiller

    I'm having severe problems with windows 7 Dell Vostro 1520 I need help in a bad way. Thank you Kim Segmiller!!!

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    James Gibbons

    Excellent troubleshooting video, i wish he showed how to get my available physical memory back though

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    A great educational experience! .

    .Better than attending a Microsoft tech event  ... Marks presentation make it enjoyable and interesting to delve into the normally boring & mundane  .. I will keep this as part of a library  to review repeatedly as I attack system problems ...

    I just discovered "Autoruns" and will use this as a bible ...  and begin using the other tools he explains so well ...  

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    I too have used this software to solve an issue with a weird CPU lockup by the "System" process after the computer woke from standby. Found a .sys file within it to be related to a capture card driver.

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    I have a TOSHIBA LAPTOP and my problem is that as soon as I start my computer windows media centre, stops me doing anything at all, I cannot get on line also I cannot do anything, windows media pops up and that is as far as I can go, I have tried everything but no luck, I have asked a few people but they have no idea.
    I do hope you can help me, Monty.

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    Kenneth Wade Wilson

    This video has been hacked, obviously, producing numerous copies of the soundtrack superimposed on each other, as if there are a hundred of the guy all talking at once. I'm really disgusted.

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    The real question is - what colour was it?!

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    I have 30+ years in automotive diagnostics,as well as many years as a hard core Gamer.
    This video is so understandable to me.I have a problem not allowing anything to make me say"I cant figure this out.. @#$%^ it !" and give up. My diagnostic strategy is What does one problem have in common with something else. this leads me into the web of strings. Mark shows how to organize these strings and solve a problem. automotive sensors share a 5 volt reference.. if one of them grounds out,it may not make a difference in performance however it now has taken the reference voltage away from a vital sensor which can immobilize the engine. (excuse me if I got off topic,Excited)
    And now to find out why my memory is growing smaller by the minute. was 16 gigs now a little over 3 gigs.

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    Hi Mark, great to be here. I've mistakenly installed a vampire called Private Folder 1.1 created by Eming Software. These are the vampire's characteristics:
    (1) Unable to uninstall the application Private Folder 1.1 from my computer, its generating an error message.
    (2) Locks me out of my locked personal folder, saying "access denied" after I have input the master password 8 or so times.

    Am running windows 10 64-bit OS, x64-based processor on Intel Xeon cpu X5690 @3.47 GHZ.

    Looking forward to you saving the day!

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    win10 v1909 Intel I7 3.5 32G ram several drives internal and external my problem is that if I try to burn video with covertx the PC will shut down with no warning and restart , the same happened when I tried to run Acronis backup the pc shut down about 1/2 way thru the process. I cleaned the ram simms and there was some dirt on the chis , it sped the pc up noticeably
    I will try resetting the pc but that takes a lot of time with all the software I have installed . Any Idea's ?
    Thank You for looking.

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