Mysteries of Memory Management Revealed,with Mark Russinovich (Part 2 of 2)

Play Mysteries of Memory Management Revealed,with Mark Russinovich (Part 2 of 2)
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If you want to know the difference between System Committed memory and Process Committed memory,wondered what all those memory numbers shown by Task Manager really mean,or want to gain insight into the memory-related impact of a process,then this talk is for you. Using various memory analysis tools including: Process Explorer,VMMap,RAMMap,and others to highlight concepts throughout,the presentation starts with an overview of virtual memory management,describing types of process address space memory and how they impact system virtual memory. Then it dives into physical memory management,discussing how Windows manages process working sets,how it keeps track of physical memory,and how memory moves between different states.




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    Page dynamics, Working Set details, well explained.Local Policy for Page replacement ;) If its only based on aging, will it not lead to fault with missing references?Is it avoided with modified page writer!!

    Still laughing at secret.txt and RAM optimizer, thanks

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