Infrastructure Services on Windows Azure: Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks with Mark Russinovich

Play Infrastructure Services on Windows Azure: Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks with Mark Russinovich


This session gives an overview of the new Windows Azure infrastructure services (IaaS), including support for Windows Server and Linux persistent virtual machines, new networking capabilities for hybrid applications and on-premises/cloud connectivity, and support for applications that consist of PaaS and IaaS roles. Mark explains how IaaS fits into Windows Azure to extend existing server applications to cloud and shows demonstrations of IaaS VM deployment and complex multi-VM applications.



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    Should be a very good session!

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    This is our next step at HBS to include Azure in our ecosystem.

    We are working with the private cloud, public, and our own Azure for Windows Server.

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    This is where i need to understand better microsoft NVGRE

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    Hi Mark,  The Azure infrastructure itself is quite fascinating to me.  Any chance we will hear if MS will ever release a scaled-down version based on Server 2012 for on-prem usage?  I would love to go completely decentralized for our private cloud.  Would be great if we did not have to rely on shared storage and could distribute both compute and storage across many independent nodes within our own datacenter and centrally manage all it with MS tools.

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    when will these slides be available?

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