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Join Mark Russinovich and Mark Minasi for a lively discussion as they share their views on the cloud computing disruption and what it means for IT pros and developers. Mark Russinovich brings his perspective from leading Microsoft Azure architecture and Mark Minasi brings his IT expertise and view from outside. The economics of public cloud, future of PaaS and IaaS, how enterprises will bridge their on-premises environments with the cloud, how you should look at security in the public cloud, and what skills are important for IT pros and developers are just some of the areas they explore together.



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The Discussion

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    For developers and testers could be very-very good if Azure can offer VMs A1 (1.75 GB RAM) and A2 (3.5 GB RAM) with SHARED cores, why?

    1. Extra-Small (A0) with 768 MB RAM is the only configuration with shared virtual core

    2. The "shared virtual core" option is less expensive because you pay ONLY when your VM is consuming cycles of CPU (in other words, when App Server and DBMS are running; non waiting for requests).

    3. Due to SQLServer requires a minimum of 1 GB of RAM, "Extra Small" has no enought size for running IIS and SQL Server.


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    Which is the better option for developers and testers in terms of cost/benefice?

    - With AWS EC2 you pay per hour.

    - With Azure you pay per minute.

    - With Google you pay (also) per minute.(minimum 10 minutes). Google offer two configurations with shared cores (614 MB and 1.7 GB RAM), but with "Sustained Use Discounts" can reach an effective discount of 30%

    In terms of the Cloud philosophy, "shared virtual core" is the TRUE "pay as you go"

    I think that Shared virtual cores could be a great business opportunity for Azure.

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    Mark Minasi, the BIll Maher of IT. I mean that in a good way.

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    This was a great session, lots of fun and very informative.

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    Any chance of you guys publishing an MP3 of the talk?

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    great session

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