Extending CRAN packages with binaries: x13binary

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The x13binary package provides pre-built binaries of X-13ARIMA-SEATS, the seasonal adjustment software by the U.S. Census Bureau. X-13 is anwell-established tool for de-seasonalization of timeseries, and used bynstatistical offices around the world. Other packages such as seasonal can now rely on x13binary without requiring any intervention by the user. Together, these packages bring a very featureful and expressive interface for working with seasonal data to the R environment. Thanks to x13binary, installing seasonal is now as easy as any other CRAN package as it no longer requires a manual download and setup of the corresponding binary. Like the Rblpapi package, x13binary provides interesting new ways inndeploying binary software to aid CRAN: A GitHub repository provides the underlying binary in a per-operating system form (see the x13prebuilt repository). The actual CRAN package then uses this repo to download andninstall the binaries once per installation or upgrade. This talk will detail our approach, summarize our experience in providing binaries via CRAN and GitHub, and discuss possible future directions.





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