Linking htmlwidgets with crosstalk and mobservable

Play Linking htmlwidgets with crosstalk and mobservable
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The htmlwidgets package makes it easy to create interactive JavaScript widgets from R, and display them from the R console or insert them into R Markdown documents and Shiny apps. These widgets exhibit interactivity "in the small": they can interact with mouse clicks and other user gestures within their widget boundaries. This talk will focus on interactivity "in the large", where interacting with one widget results in coordinated changes in other widgets (for example, select some points in one widget and the corresponding observations are instantly highlighted across the other widgets). This kind of inter-widget interactivity can be achieved by writing a Shiny app to coordinate multiple widgets (and indeed, this is a common way to use htmlwidgets). But some situations call for a more lightweight solution. crosstalk and robservable are two distinct but complementary approaches to the problem of widget coordination, authored by myself and Ramnath Vaidyanathan, respectively. Each augments htmlwidgets with pure-JavaScript coordination logic; neither requires Shiny (or indeed any runtime server support at all). The resulting documents can be hosted on GitHub, RPubs, Amazon S3, or any static web host. In this talk, I'll demonstrate these new tools, and discuss their advantages and limitations compared to existing approaches.





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