FFTrees: An R package to create, visualise and use fast and frugal decision trees

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    Fast and frugal decision trees seem to me to be the same as decision lists introduced by Rivest (1987).

    There are well known cases where decision lists face difficulty; for example they cannot represent the XOR function, however they are trained.

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    Is there an rpubs post on this? The o up right now seems to be a dummy link: <https://rpubs.com/username/project>. Thanks!

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    Sarah Grogan

    Great talk. FFTrees is a great package for creating decision trees that can be interpreted easily by others (without a computational background). I love the option to plot the ROC curve and compare the fast & frugal trees with models from other packages, and also make cost-informed decisions by including a vector of costs in the model. I can also see a lot of value in manually creating a tree, to compare prediction accuracy of models based on intuition to models based on statistics.

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