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useR!2017: KEYNOTE: 20 years of CRAN 

Abstract: We will look at this history of CRAN, its success and its shortcomings. We try to answer some of the question you always had about CRAN:
- What and who is CRAN?
- Why are these CRAN maintainers so nitpicking on what appears to be some irrelevant Note in my package and why do I have to check it prior to submission?
- How does CRAN exist physically?
- What are the technical solutions to keep a repository of more than 10000 packages running?
- How can we check those many packages on several flavour of R and platforms on a single day?
- What are the human resources that have been spent during the last years?
- How can package maintainers help to get the workload as small as possible?
- What are the necessary changes for the future we have to tackle in order to keep such a repository as successful as it is today?
- What will happen during the next 20 years of CRAN?





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