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Using Spec# in VS 2005

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    Hi All,

    I am not sure on where to post this topic, I choosed this. I have installed visual studio 2005 and was very much happy to see Spec# . I downloaded spec# .msi and followed the steps regarding simplify.exe and everything went fine , But the example porgramme posted online is not running. I dont see any spec# features available.

    Here is the Info of  my VS2005 installation :

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
    Version 8.0.50727.42  (RTM.050727-4200)
    Microsoft .NET Framework
    Version 2.0.50727

    Installed Edition: Professional

    Microsoft Visual Basic 2005   77626-009-0000007-41173
    Microsoft Visual Basic 2005

    Microsoft Visual C# 2005   77626-009-0000007-41173
    Microsoft Visual C# 2005

    Microsoft Visual C++ 2005   77626-009-0000007-41173
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2005

    Microsoft Visual J# 2005   77626-009-0000007-41173
    Microsoft Visual J# 2005

    Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005   77626-009-0000007-41173
    Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005

    Crystal Reports    AAC60-G0CSA4B-V7000AY
    Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2005

    Microsoft.SpecSharp   1.0.6404.0
    Microsoft® Spec# Compiler, Version 1.0.6404.0

    From the above thing its clear that SpecCharp is installed. Now when I try to run this sample programme

    1.class Program{

    2.static void Main(string[] args){

    3.string! message = "Spec# says hello!";


    5. Console.Read();}}

    The 3rd line shows an error saying "Identifier Expected " . Iam not able to proceed further to use SpecSharp.

    Does anybody let me know whats wrong with this.


    Ravi Kumar



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    Tom Servo

    I wonder if they plan to implement the Spec# features into C# at some point.

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    Tom Servo wrote:
    I wonder if they plan to implement the Spec# features into C# at some point.

    I wouldn't be surprised. A lot of the MS Research projects (ex: LINQ) get rolled into the language if they are cool enough.

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