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WPF Performance for serious multi-touch development

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    Thanks Surface team we finally get our tentacular hands on win7-certified multitouch controls Wink


    Well, the first thing we notice as developers is that WPF performance is absolutely inadequate for serious graphics development.

    That is old news, but somehow i was hoping Surface toolkit would bring some hard-core tweaks (like fixed fps rendering to get smooth animations and so on).
    Nonetheless, apps on the Surface seem smoother than in Win7.. there must be something under the hood in the os (vista) configuration.

    Then, the whole Direct2D topic and early samples on Win7 touch are there to confuse us... we want performance!!


    When will we get a _clear_ roadmap of how MS graphics technologies are meant to work together?


    Thank you!
    Stefano Baraldi



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    We have found rather unacceptable jerkiness when you are in range of the top left and top right corners, but, I have to admit that it is very cheap to achieve pretty impressive touch capabilitiies in WPF 4.0 for little to no effort. No complex algebra, nothing!


    I do think it is still very early days, and better things will surely be in the pipeline.

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