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Additional MSRS Shader Files for NVidia GeForce Go 5200

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    Together with the Redmond group we did some experiments using several different shader files with the Robotics Studio Simulation Environment and a NVidia GeForce Fx Go 5200 graphics chips with 32MB memory as it is found on the Toshiba m200 Tablet PC.

    The archive contains two shader files. Unpack and copy the files into the folder \store\media\ within your MSRS directory.

    I have tested these files with the chipset mentioned above and the November CTP of the Robotics Studio.

    As it works with the mobile version of the chipset, the shaders may also work with the NVidia GeForce Fx 5200 as well as with other chipsets. Please contribute in testing your graphics card (as it does not work with the November CTP) and let the team know if your graphics card does run the simulation with these shader files.


    Please be aware that these files are part ofthe MSRS and thus under the same license agreement. 

    Confirmed chipsets (maybe low fps rates) working with the modified shaders are now:

    NVidia GeForce Fx 5200
    NVidia GeForce Fx Go 5200
    ATI Radeon Xpress 200m

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    I just wanted to inform you that i have been using the Maze Simulator (posted here: and previously i could not get the "default" or "wireframe" view to work correctly on a desktop with a nvidia geforce FX 5200, however i tried these shader files and now it is indeed working. Thanks for that Smiley

    Are these simpler shader files valid for just geforce 5200 based cards? it would be good if this would allow me to run the maze simulator on machines with older/low-end or integrated graphics cards.


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    I have Mobile Radeon 9000 64 Mb. In November release I am able to run simulation only in "Physics" mode. "Default" and "Wireframe" modes do not work properly (instead graphics I have graphic debris from windows that were on top of simulation window).

    After I installed those files problem with "Default" and "Wireframe" modes is left. However, fps counter in those modes becomes ten times faster.

    I guess you did some optimization. Smiley

    Looking for new fixes.


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    I tested MSRS simulation tutorials by using vga card "GeForce 7950 GX2". However, it displayes some caution "Unable to find a suitable D3D graphics device. This simulator requires a graphics device that supports porgrammable shaders" and doesn't work. I actually don't know how it works. could someone help me for this problem?[C]

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    I am using an NVIDIA Quadra FX1300 and had not been able to run simulations except in wireframe mode.  These shaders correct the problem (although the colors are kind of fruity and unrealistic), thanks.  I can't believe I didn't see this post sooner, the MSRS forums need to refer people here.

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    I'm trying to run the simulation in a PC with NVidia GeForce Fx 5200 with no luck (P4, 2.8 GHz, 1 GB RAM, Windows XP SP 2).

    I have change the two shader files, but still doesn't work. I have update the drivers of the vga card too...

    Any other idea?


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    Ah! I'm using the Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.0) version...

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    I am confused. I have NVidia GeForce PCX 5750 in my PC. (I know it's old -- my son stole my real graphics card.) I was only getting frame rates of around 8 to 12 fps, and strange things happened with other windows overlapping the simulation window.

    So I tried the new shaders and the frame rate jumped to about 68 fps! However, the colours have all changed too. Everything is several shades lighter and I can't adjust it back using the graphics settings in the simulator. Is the ground supposed to be green in the tutorials?

    I still have strange behaviour when I overlap a window. For instance, I just put the Dashboard over the top of the simulation window and half of the simulation is showing in Physics view and the other half is fully rendered! It changes as I slide the Dashboard up and down the screen. Really weird.

    So what is the recommendation? Should these shaders be used for all older NVidia cards?


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