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BIOS Settings In Windows XP

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    I have a problem with my pc. I recently adjusted the BIOS settings on my computer, because I installed a new graphics card. For some reason my graphics cards, modem were disabled. Now when I boot my computer up there's nothing but a black screen, until XP boots up.  Now my question is can I adjust or change my BIOS settings under Windows XP? Or reset them somehow? Thanks For Your Help In Advance.Smiley

    Edit: I've already removed the battery from the motherboard, and that didn't help.

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    I know you have probably tried it, but have you hit F10 to the run the bios recovery ultility?

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    I've tried every key combanation know to man.

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    Have you looked at a manual for your specific motherboard?  What brand/model do you have?  Perhaps there is a newer BIOS version available.

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    I've acutally looked at the motherboard and have seen no sign of a manufacturer. I read somewhere else that some motherboards don't specify.Tongue Out

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    So is this a brand name computer (Dell, HP, etc.)?  If so, which brand and model?

    If it isn't a brand name computer, then there will (should) always be a model number printed on the motherboard - somewhere.

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    It's a two year old Compaq Presario

    Found this on the HP site after talking to Tech for an hour:

    Use this solution when there is no image on the monitor (blank screen) after installing a new graphics card, disabling the on-board video or disabling the default graphics adapter.
    If the HP logo screen does not appear, then perform the following steps:
    1. Turn on the computer.
    2. Press the F1 key when the keyboard light comes on. Wait about 5 seconds.
    3. Press the F5 key and press ENTER. This restores the default settings of the BIOS. Wait about 5 seconds.
    4. Press the F10 key and then press the ENTER key. This saves and exits the BIOS.
    The starting screens should now be visible. Retry several times as necessary. If the monitor stays black, then disconnect the monitor cable to see if any of the monitor's built-in messages appear. If no messages appear, adjust the contrast and brightness up until something is seen. If the picture stays blank, then the monitor may be bad and need replaced.

    EDIT: That didn't work thanks Compaq support.Sad

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    Funny Story with HP Technical Support

    I sign up to talk to an online Technical Support Chat Online, then she asks me to restart.

    After that she exits:)

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    The problem might lie with the primary graphics adapter, as far as the BIOS is concerned. Many BIOS'es let you choose whether you want to use an AGP card or PCI card as the primary adapter. Or sometimes onboard graphics as opposed to a PCI/AGP card.
    Perhaps this setting in your BIOS is set to the wrong value. I guess XP ignores this BIOS setting, because Plug and Play tells it where the card is. While this theory doesn't explain why your modem has stopped working, it's worth checking.

    There would be three ways of getting around it (in order of preference):

    1. Remove the new graphics card. Put your old graphics card back in, change the relevant BIOS setting, switch off and then put the new card in. (NB - don't boot to Windows while the old card is in...). You could also try resetting to defaults or tinkering with other settings in this way.

    2. Reset your BIOS settings using the CLR_CMOS (name may vary) jumper on the motherboard. It's usually close to the BIOS and/or battery. Most often between them.
      Switch the CLR_CMOS jumper over to the other pins for about 60 seconds to reset your BIOS (With mains disconnected). The battery method that you mentioned should work...did you have the mains disconnected at the time??

    3. BIOS updates tend to reset the BIOS back to defaults. If you can update your BIOS from Windows, the settings might restore. You should check Compaq's (oops, HP's) website for details. This is a last-resort option!
    With regards to identifying the board, does it have an FCCID etched on it anywhere? Model numbers can sometimes be etched on boards in very small print around the edges or between the PCI slots. The exact model number of your PC would help, too.

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    RNewman I acutally got it to work by taking out the battery and powering up then shutting down. Then putting the battery back in a nd starting up. Thanks.

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