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12 Year old kid develops for Windows Phone!

Play 12 Year old kid develops for Windows Phone!

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    Chris Richner

    Good Job! Keep up the good work!

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    fan-damned-tastic!  Put the fear of god into the professionals three times your age Smiley

    study math!


    EDIT: to those below being highly negative - please try to remember that the achievements of this child do not in any way infringe upon your own, nor do you require direct comparison to his to validate your path as a developer.  Just be happy for the kid for christ's sake.

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    It's nice that he's into programming, but I hope he realizes how lucky he is to have a big house, 2-3 computers, a piano, a pool table, and his own WP7 to use.


    Elliot - don't get too hung up on Windows. Learn the foundations of programming so you can jump to another framework or language quickly.

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    Flinke Elliot, stå på!! :) Du når nok langt :)

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    he lives in an environment to be successfull i wish him all the best because not alot of people are that lucky.he has the perfect life some would say.he is not an "average kid".

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    Well done dude, now, who is the oldest person developing for Windows phone?

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    I completely agree. His parent are successful which allows him to pursue whatever he may want. At least he is taking advantage of it unlike some kids I know.

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    Daniel Kuppitz

    Thumb up. I've also started in the age of 11.

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    Not to put a downer on the kid as know he's only 12 but his speech is very monotonic and boring (especially in the where he is explaining the code.)

    I also noticed his speech has lot of I, Me and My, not very many words that suggest group interaction such as We or Our.

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    Great work Elliot!

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    @AdamSpeight2008: The video is about HIM. Not sure where he'd say "We" or "Our" in a video about him Smiley


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    bah! Number 1 reason i will not by a windows phone 7: They blocked c++ programs. (you know the language for real men and women)
    Btw it this just anothert way for microsoft to force devs to use microsoft products.
    Microsoft gettings desperate much ?
    Will microsoft become another apple (as in an evil overboard control freak that produce overpriced crap)

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    @Laura10 It was an observation, what about does he do socially (code).

    The video me it was akin to a show and tell, in kindergarden.



    Speak of something that didn't come across in the video, is how it got passed the legal department.


    Is it not a requirement in the terms and conditions of wp7 marketplace that you to be at least 18 years old. (WP7 -> Section 8b.)

    And the for the Zune -> Section 5

    "The service is not intended for use by children under 13, except together with a parent or other adult supervision.  "


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     Wow Adam. It's hard for me to parse your incomplete sentences and you are criticizing
    his on camera presence? Obviously an adult had to help him sign up and provide
    the credit check / payment info so your observations strike me as not only mean
    spirited but pointless.

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    @AdamSpeight2008: nice catch, ;)
    so you are one of the few that have actually read that thing
    @dtower: you write english not well, sentences bad is ;D
    Besides. he's not mean, he just don't like windows phone 7 please-sell-your-sole-for-this-crap videos

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    @Ben:  Where the links to "his" apps? mmm.  


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    Lego Mind Storm Chick

    @AdamSpeight2008: BTW kid, you rock you are my new role model. I am 11 years old and I LOVE programming lego robots. I like to play the piano (Fur Elise rocks!) and I like to figure skate and sing (Pretty odd combo doncha think?) , you are amazing and intellegent. all the other comments are mean like, you talk in monotone and stuff but seriously commentors! Hes a freakin' programmer!!! Not a actor or reader or whatever. Don't say he can't speak in monotone!
    Your fan, the Mind Storm Chick

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    The link to my apps can be found at

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    Hey Elliot! I'm a 14 year old whose developing for the windows phone 7 market as well!  By the way, bob tabor who commented on your video is the man i learn from in his videos!  Anyway, good luck!

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    Princess Buttercup

    @AdamSpeight2008: Adam, your mother must be SOOOOO disappointed in you.  If you can't say anything nice, you shouldn't say anything at all ;O)

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    Great work! Comment your code Smiley

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    Good for him, glad to see he survived the Windows Phone App Hub registration process . He couldn't have been more monotonic, though; was extremeeelllly painful to watch. My. god.
    Good job on the camera acrobatics though.

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    Good job

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    Dino Esposito

    You might want get in touch with my son. He's 12 as well and doing good WP7 stuff as well. I'm starting myself on WP7 dev and I usually ask him words of advice...

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    @Ian2: It's me... 42 ;-))

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    @PJ: exactly. he's lucky yes. But fairly sure most of us who say lucky wouldn't make use of that luck in the same situation. Great stuff!! 

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    Found him monotonous too.  Also thought his voice was a bit deep for a 12 year old but that could be just the digital compression.  But fair play to the kid I'm jealous I don't even have 4 screens at the office never mind at home!!!

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    @Ben: Is there anything good to you in this world ? I don't think so...

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    Wow! He is going to be some programmer when he's 18.

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    That guy doesn't look like twelve and that deep voice definitely doesn't sound like a twelve-year-old either. Also, with all that expensive gear at his disposal he's not like any other guy his age...

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    jesus christ

    12 year old? Wow! He looks atleast 16, and sounds like 34 year old!

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    Peter Perhac

    @spivonious: that's precisely what was going through my head when I watched that video. I can't help it. I started programming when I was about 10-11, but I didn't have a pool table next to my desktopfull of computers. He's got a great opportunity to make it big in IT, if he can keep up the enthusiasm and good work. He's talented, I no denying that.

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    This is all fake, in reality the kid is Steve Ballmer in disguise. You can tell by the robotic-like tone of his voice, but mostly because if played backwards you can hear "developers, developers,developers, developers.........developers (this last one in a faint voice)".

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    @spivonious you are right. their is very few lucky who get much better thing when they was kids. in india their is many percentage of people [child] never goes to school even whenever they want.
    actually programming not depend on something we maked it's depend how much we can struggle whenever we develop something.
    well the child is cute and lucky and do well who is in this video. as inspirationation i got same feeling whenever was video on TED. you can find them here
    well it's good and thanks for video something like that.

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    @Elliott: Thanks for coming by Channel 9 Elliot, great video and good luck with your apps ! Smiley


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    I am more envy at his rich parents Tongue Out

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    What is wrong with you guys? Searching for an excuse why YOU didn't do something with your life and why it wasn't easy enough for you? No need to demotivate a 12 year old, who brings passion and knowledge! BTW: I couldn't speak in front of a camery without stumbling and I am sure you couldn't as well,
    Elliott, you did a great job, keep up the good work and don't care about these comments. Just apply for a job at Microsoft one day! :)

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    @MagicKey: Agreed. Elliot is doing some amazing work! When I was 12 years old I was still jumping from swings into a sandbox. Then again, I still do that Smiley

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    Mr Crash

    "12 Year old kid develops"

    That's not a big deal at all !

    I started to program in pascal and asm when i was around 10 - 11 years old.

    Oh and did i mention that i'm self taught ? (Pascal, Asm, c/c++, java, python, hmm i might have missed a language or two)


    Sigh, this is just another lousy sales pitch for windows phone 7.


    Please don't make a chicken out of a feather ! It's petty, disgusten, etc and most people will see through it, i hope!


    windows phone 7 is actually crappy compared to other phones.

    -blocks non C# / silverlight programs ex programs built using C++

    -not hobby programmer friendly ( this really pissed me off )

    -beginning of ala apple locked in, control freak software system.

    -slow ( although this should be obvious since it's using silverlight and C#)

    -high energy consumption ( again because of silverlight )


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    Great stuff Elliot.  Taking on Silverlight and XNA, so well into the development. 
    @Ian2  - Well I am Fifty (50) next week ):    -  But I learn't a few bits from Eliot.  Like he appears to be using RenderTaget stuff.  I am trying to get into that.   I am also using Pain.NET, So I must be doing something right.   Looks like Eliot taken it to good use.
    Love this WP7 devlopemt stuff.  been waiting a year for WP7, with C# and Silverlight.  So when the SDK came out looked got basic SP& Silverlight Map App in  day, next day looked at this XNA stuff,  then thought about 3D, and loading Models.  The Apps Hub and Samples, and a couple of days later I have basic 3D ga,es running on a emulator.  So my first App put on Marketplace is a 3D XNA Game.  Not so nice looking as Eliots  game though.   So lots of Credit there.
    It is great to see the next generation get into using Visual Studio, and MS being smart enough to encourage their use by youngsters.     And Eliot seems like well rounded and nice young person. - Well done

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    Keep on coding, Elliot! Welcome to Channel 9 Smiley Don't take things too seriously with respect to the more negative reactions to this video -> Folks on Channel 9 speak openly about how they feel and we like that. So far, there hasn't been anything too mean, but if/when there is, we will delete.

    Please be respectful, Niners. Just a gentle reminder. It's great to see a young person picking up programming as a hobby - we should celebrate this regardless of your feelings towards WP7, Laura ( Smiley ) or WP7 marketing. This is a story about a kid who taught himself how to program. It's a good story!!!



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    @Charles: Thanks Charles, your approval means SO MUCH to me Wink


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    @Charles: @Elliott: @Laura10:

    I hope my comments I wheren't taken disrespectaly, I didn't expect my comments to elicit such a large amount of replies. Maybe it is an affect of being a coder;- There a problem here, and then transfer (maybe inappropiatly) across \ into differend fields or domains.  Then asking the dreaded why questions.


    After reviewing the replies, they of reveal (to me) that XNA / WP7 attracts the (relatively) more younger demographic. 


    Why is that? 

     Is it potential recognition ? (Attention Seeking)

     The potential financal rewards?

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    @AdamSpeight2008: or maybe that programming is fun, and that you can do many interesting things with it, and all that math you take in school is actually now making sense, and, and, and....   Why the negative thinking?    Applaud the kid, regardless of whether you are for or against WP7 or any other content delivery vehicle. 

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    @sealrock: Programming can be fun especially where you get to decide the project and have no release date deadlines.

    Ask the question, why do many coders have Hobby Projects? Many consider it comes down to them not enjoying their day job coding. Why have Microsoft recently changed their Moonlightiing Policy? 

    Most real world programming isn't like that. At times it can seem like its a death march.

    Clients don't know what they want, but they know its release date.


    Listen to a few via

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    @vjsd: You wrote in Chinese, but as a Chinese, I can't understand what you wrote completely......

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    First of all, kudos to this kid.  Second, people need to quit judging by this kid's surroundings, because anybody with a PC could be doing what this kid is doing (Microsoft releases free versions of their dev products).
    C++:  Great if you need to write an OS or some device drivers, but the days of C++ being a practical language for simple app development is long over.  It is the overly complex square peg we tried to cram into a round hole for decades.  C++ created a cottage industry of memory leak detection and debugging products alone, and the world is in the process of simply giving up on it.
    The days of C++ being the "grownups" language ended with the .Net CLR, which brought VB up to C# equality.  And for those not wanting to use .NET, Java is the alternative.  Either way, no memory leaks, crashes, or bluescreens like we were plagued with from C++ apps.

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    Great work, Elliot. Don't let the negative comments under your skin just keep doing what your doing. I started programming when I was 10 on a Commodore! I'm sure there are a couple of people here that can relate to that.

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    Nice work Elliot! So much further along than I was at 11 on my Commodore Pet writing stuff in assembly. You have got a huge leap ahead of your peers and ahead of many of us old timers here.


    Don't mind the dorks here. Most programmers are on the Aspergers/Autistic spectrum so they don't know how to behave socially. I'd include myself in that. Smiley

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    Or you could say that only a 12 year old kid develops for Window Phone.

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    Wow, he reminds a lot about myself. Started coding in C# when I was 14/15 years old. I now work with servers coded in C#. And I like skiing too xD

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    @PJ: Completely DISagree! You should not be a victim of your environment. While he doesn't have many obstacles, I know many kids from wealthy families who are wasting their time on drugs, video games and other junk.

    I started programming when I was 11, on ZX 80 Spectrum /Sinclair back in USSR, "assembled on the lap" so to speak. My parents were not rich, compare to US average they were below the poverty line. Yet that didn't stop me, and should not stop anybody who is trying to pursue their dreams.

    There can be million of reasons why NOT to do something, and only your character will drive you and see your dreams become a reality!


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    @AdamSpeight2008: presentation skill can be worked on, but overall he is working, while others playing!


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    Errrrr I am at your exact age AND level! (if not higher,? or lower :(
    any way.... nice! your using sprites....

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    yea elliot! haha kinda fun to know people inside vids like this outside of sports

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    He reminds me of Andrew Bares from

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    @martdegra:  Yes he does seem to have the perfect life.  I almost envy him because with an enviroment like that and the family that is obviously wealthy it would take a sheer moron to fail at anything.

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    @Vawdka: there are many more people who fail in the environments like that than those who succeed. In these environments you have to have a high character to voluntarily inflict pain on yourself. Like pain of learning to play piano for 4 hours every day, or going through numerous books to find your answer, or going through 10 years of college and struggling as a student while others making money, or going to third world countries to help others or basically doing something which will take you out of your comfort zone. That is when people get challenged and get breakthroughs. And on the other hand that is when others decide to sit on the sofa, eat pizza and play games (or worse do stupid things), because they think their life doesn't depend on them making tough choices.

    That is why most of the world changers come from environments full of struggle as they are better prepared to deal with life's issues, but those who choose to struggle when they don't have to, make an even better progress.  Because no matter the environment they will choose to work hard, go further and dive deeper, they will bring challenge upon themselves. There are very very few people like that.

    The first group - "couch potato", usually grow to be irresponsible and usually the ones who would leave their families to struggle.

    The second group - "world changers", are usually single moms, who take a huge load of extra responsibility to go to work every morning no matter what, being humiliated by their bosses multiple times for being late because their kids were throwing a fit or their clunker broke down on the way to work, get miserable pay, return home try to pay all the bills, discipline children, feed them, and be an emotional anchor to them, while there is none for themselves, fix around the house and fend off naughty neighbor, and then repeat this routine for the next 20 or so years. How is that for a challenge?

    The third group - well there are a handful in the whole world that I can think of.


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    Haters. They gone hate.


    Good job kid!  Cool

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    Sabrina Lieu

    Heyy Elliott! You are ahhhmazing and dont let these hater put you down! I met you and First Grade and you have come soo far! Congrats! Keep on doing what you are doing because you are great at it. My friend is buying the Richochet app for his phone now because I told him too! You are great! <3 
    ~Sabrina <3

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    Thats cool man I'm 14 and I think im going to take a look at software developing again right now I am look at web development but I might go back to software and start learning some C# and also due for an phone upgrade I have a windows mobile htc touch dimond and I think I want to get the htc arrive from sprint.

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    How did he post to the marketplace? I thought you have to be 18 in order to get through GeoTrust. that's my main problem right now, i'm too young.

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    Very nice, keep the good work! I found the terminator-like tone funny. Smiley

    And it's inspiring to see a young man delivering with no TDD. Good memories. Smiley

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