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A Deeper Dive into the Page Flip in Canvas/HTML5

Play A Deeper Dive into the Page Flip in Canvas/HTML5
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Handling Touch Inputs Across Device Browers

Here is the link to the awesome blog post by the IETeam on handling touch and mouse inputs across browsers:

Getting All the Page Flip Code

Here is a download of all the files that make up the PageFlip as well as all of the math studies leading up to it:

Original Post with Walkthrough

The walkthrough of the trigonometry can still be found on the original post on my site here:

Would you like to see more advanced Design focused code tutorials like this one here on Channel 9? If so, let us know in the comments below!





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The Discussion

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    Yes we want to see!

  • User profile image

    Yes this isdefinitely something I want to see more of! Great tutorial... So cool!

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    Bring more of this type of content please! Big Smile


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    SOA Architect

    Yes please. Provide us iwht more gems like this.

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    SOA Architect

    Sorry for the typo.
    Provide us 'with' more gems like this.

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    Fantastic, great post

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    Which Windows 8 tablet device is that ?

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    @Leon: It's the Samsung Series 7 slate (probably the equivalent given to devs at BUILD). The series 7 slate comes with Windows 7 but you can install Windows 8 CP on it (that's what I did)

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    @Leon @Sadatay That's right. Actually, it IS the Samsung Slates they gave out at Build. I didn't join MSFT till this January, so I got to get the free swag at BUILD =)

    Another lesser known feature of those tablets is if you drop Windows 8 on it, you can shoot out stereoscopic to a 3D television through the HDMI port if you know what you're doing and code it out in the new DirectX 11.1  

    I'm heads down on a ton of Metro stuff right now, but I want to put up a show just on stereoscopic 3D from DirectX 11.1 and C++ on the new Windows 8 soon ( which means after TechEd Europe, so more "soonish" )

    Thanks guys for the great support and comments. Much appreciated.

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    After watching this I would vote for more content like this. With the focus on the User Experience with Metro, WP7, Win8, etc., there needs to be more design and UI/UX focused information on Channel 9. We need better design examples and guidance within the MSFT stack, especially the translation of Master Page UI/layouts such as SharePoint into HTML5/CSS3. Cool

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    @Bearshield - 100% agree Angel

    especially for UI/layouts in SharePoint.

    cool stuff and yes we want more - thank you Rick.

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    Yes, please demo more!

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    Yes definitely more on UX, interaction design etc.  This was great!!

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