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A Look Behind Microsoft Hardware Packaging

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Packaging has gone from the junk that keeps gadgets from breaking before you bought them to the star of every unboxing video. Where does it come from and who are the faces behind it at Microsoft? Meet Jill Geurts, structural Packaging Engineer at Microsoft. Jill has been one of the people working on our packaging since the early days of Microsoft Hardware. In this tour we go down MSH's wall of hardware where you can see some of the very forward thinking products like our Sound System 80, the first USB speakers for your PC, or the Microsoft Cordless Phone, which gave you ringtones on your home phone and saved your home voicemails to your Outlook account. Later in this video Jill walks us through the thoughts behind the packaging for the Arc Touch mouse. 


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The Discussion

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    Cool video Smiley

    I got my Arc Touch on Monday and I'm loving it! The only thing I miss is that it's an expensive mouse and a mouse which is intended for traveling but no case is included in the package Sad that's unfortunately a big minus...

    You can read my whole review on my blog (in Polish) Smiley

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    As far as the Arc Touch packaging, I like that there isn't the distracting background image (sword, flames, some bizzar looking chest armour?!?) but most of all that the product name is huge in a simple font. Second is that cut out around Microsoft text is a nifty touch.

    Generally I look for logo, price then model number when scanning the shelves and then the sales person if I can't find it within 3 look passes. If there is an viable option between products I usually pick the one that doesn't need finger removing, hand with sizzer impaling, "security" plastic. Plain cardboard just works better in getting it home or more so, the office. Ever had that plastic cut through a plastic bag just as you are getting out of the car? Priceless.

    So Jill please (as you say "we" means "I" therefore got the right person), no more tiny font names where the product name is the model number or tiny model name where the proudct name's are similar. ie. the BlueTrak mobile mouse boxes. "Wireless Mobile Mouse [x]000 [some] Edition". Just look at ( and see how the names clash together just there, let alone on the shelf in that small font compared the stuff around it. The model number is nearly the most important text; not the "[+$15 cause it's pink] Edition" that seems to be placed at "ignore, as it looks like TV advertising" places.

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    Great interview, I enjoy these types. Being familiar with Materials Science, I hear those guys talk about injection molding PET all the time.

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    Since Jill there is in hardware package design I doubt she'd be all that offended by this parody video.

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