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A Look at 3D Printing and Windows 8.1

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Several weeks ago at Build we announced built-in support for 3D printing. In the hall where Channel 9 Live was broadcasting there were at least a dozen running 3D printers for attendees to see up close and use. Kris Iverson walked us through some of the different models and talked about the differences between them and what 3D printing support in Windows means for users and developers. 



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The Discussion

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    This is really incredible. Thanks to Microsoft for providing support for this in Windows 8.

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    Marcus Vincent

    Super cool! Excellent video describing the state of affairs for 3D printing and Windows. I'm really glad to see Windows getting into the game early, this will really accelerate the adoption of 3D printing.

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    I absolutely fail to see what to thank Microsoft for here.
    Is it such a heroic deed to save people from having to download a driver?
    Best case scenario it's pretty pointless.
    Worst case scenario customization is going to suffer.

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