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A Look at Microsoft's Surface Computer V.2

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    PixelSense technology is amazing.  Hopefully we see that technology continue to evolve along with lower production costs so that it becomes a viable replacement for the capacitive screens we see in all these Slates.  I'd be curious if it can take input from a stylus and detect pressure applied..sort like what Wacom is doing.

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    This is crazy.

    I hope that price of the product reduces so that I can buy one Smiley

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    It's just great work, simply superb (Y)

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    The red bull demo is way cool!

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    Sobrio,elegante y poderoso Exelente producto.
    2000000 px/Sensors!!  jajaja Es un moustro!

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    Steve Buchok

    Is it able to pickup more than just fingers, for example bar codes, or does it see objects more as silhouettes?

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    Next verison, can it keep my can cool using thermoelectric cooling next to the vision pixel? Can it detect my blood pulse or rate, skin moisture to determine my stress level or caffeine level. "Sorry Dave, you've had too much Red Bull to use this program." What about different forms of visions, infrared, ultraviolet, etc. to pick up even more intuition of the user. So when it detects RSI signs, it starts to slowly moved the apps around the screen just like they do with the keyboards. What about a light tens machine zap when you move over important parts of the app? Having a finger, wrist and/or hand workout while you work could be funky. It could be handy when pople lean or sit on it. "zolt! Hey this isn't a chair!" I just want the computer to be user presense (lie detector like) aware and respond in like.

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