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A Look at SkyDrive on Xbox One

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    The end was 100% fake

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    One guide looks pretty awsome, hopefully you can put network shares in there as well for media folders on a NAS for example.

    Paywalling it is pretty terrible though, and IE and apps are also for gold only? that's redicouous... what modern platform paywalls the browser and appstore Smiley just let us buy all the apps individually, i'm not going to pay a mothly fee for a bunch of stuff not available in my region

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    @jds: What exactly was fake?

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    I would never "fake" anything in one of my Channel 9 videos... unless it was published on April 1

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    When will X1 support MultiMon? I'd really like that. Pretty Please.

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    Ch9 App Channel! That would be great!!

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    With 10 million people in the US and 2 Million in the UK registered with visual impairment I was hoping the Xbox one was going to have some additional accessibility options making this an excellent machine for those people.  Hopefully in future updates the option for narration will be available opening up the XBOX to an even wider audience.  Until then my parents are still using WMC

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    It appears from the video that navigation is folder-based. What about being able to create channels using tag metadata in photos and videos?

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    Will this work with my normal Live Account or do I need a Gold account do use Skydrive?

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    Kevin VanRiper

    Where is the support for watching my NAS content?

    Using SkyDrive is ok but I probably won't because it is too limited by space and also limited by Internet speed.

    Take a look at how great Roku works with having both local content and online content. That so far beats Xbox One in terms of being a family room media center.

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